Funny/Cool Things to say to People


this gay,  is gay, how gay, you gay, keep gay, a gay, dumb gay, person gay, busy gay, for gay, 20secs Now read it without the word gay.


You're a SLUT! the will Respond IM A WHAT!? Then you say You're a SLUT, A S: Sweet L: Little U: Unforgetable T: Thing


I'm dying to see you, seriously! But I can't get there. This stupid zookeeper won't let me in without a ticket.


A girl called me the other day and said 'come on over, nobodys home' so I went over! Nobody was home.


You are A-ttractive, B-uff, C-harming, D-elicious, E-xciting, F-unny, G-orgeous, H-eavenly, I-m, J-ust, K-idding, L-oser!


its a beautiful day, to leave me alone


A peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, a kiss isn't a kiss without a tongue. So open your mouth, close your eyes and give your tongue some excercise!


Heres a story about a boy and a girl so listen well

or u wont understand it...

boy:man...see theres this
girl i really like her /:
girl:well tell her how u feel.
boy:but what if she loves me back?
girl:well then shes stupid!
boy:no shes not
girl:well you know...youll never know
how she really feels about u if u dont tell her
how u feel!just get with her alone at lunch later and pull
her aside and talk to her about it .
boy:haha well but shes always with me thats the point. i love u
girl:i love u too. now go tell her!
boy:i just did :)

I did not come up with these. I found these, just thought they were funny/cool